Tuesday, September 29, 2009

how to save our earth in very simpler way?

Hi...I'm here again...Lately, there are so many campaign on global warming, recycle & else to encourage people on keep well the earth. For me as a very little people, I wish i could keep our earth very clean..

These are several way that I can do for world:

1) bring along own plastic bags (at least I am not increase the amount of new plastic bags)---> better to bring eco-friendly bag while going shopping..why..? to reduce the usage of plastic bags

2) while 'tapau' @ take-away food --> bring my own sudu & garfu so that I don’t have to use plastic cutlery

3) it will be very good if I could bring my own container while ‘tapau’ so I’m not using plastics for kuih muih or polystyrene..

4) the important things.. I am not trashing everywhere..nti sedih pulak tong sampah because I’m not using them wisely..

Jomlahh..kita selamatkan bumi kita..mungkin kita fikir kita seorang sahaja yg wat, apa je la kesannya…

Tapi, kalau bukan diri sendiri yang mula, siapa lagi kan…!

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